Thirty minutes a day is enough to change your life.

You can achieve plenty in just 30 minutes, walk your dog, clean the kitchen, call a sibling, answer emails, enrich your relationships… Perhaps you missed the last point; Yes! You can have great enriched relationships with your loved ones in just 30 minutes a day. My thirty minutes run with my spouse every lunchtime has reaped wonders in growing us closer.

This 30 minutes of bonding time in the day has helped me and my flower boost our emotional, spiritual, and physical connections in profound ways. Many others that have started with just 30 minutes a day in their relationship have reported positive changes in themselves and their relationship in as little as two weeks.

We have found that in every relationship there is a bonding divide in the moments of time between moments of sharing together. As this bonding divide becomes wider between you and your loved one, you leave your relationship vulnerable to things that easily erode or destroy your connection. It’s not rocket science, BUT emotional science.

So what can we do in just 30 minutes a day? There are many things such as: 

  • Chating and Play
  • Emotionally listening to each other
  • Appreciate Each Other
  • Physical exercise
  • Physical Intimacy
  • Any other creative past-time activities

We hope the insights and tips we’ve given you in this email help improve your relationship.

We value and celebrate you.

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