Inter-Cultural Marriages

We know that marriage relationships, in general, are not easy! However, there are even more unique challenges if spouses are from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Are you in an intercultural marriage or relationship? You are not alone. Statistics show that intercultural marriages are increasing worldwide. Do you find it a challenge to handle the differences? How about dealing with societal judgment and prejudice? Do you face cultural barriers when it comes to communication? How do you know when to compromise? What values do you maintain?

Please do join us in a vibrant class where we shall use practical stories of other couples and great teachings to teach you some key elements on how to handle challenges in an intercultural marriage:

    • – How to manage the different expectations.
    • – How to overcome communication barriers.
    • – Dealing with societal judgment.
    • – Knowing when to compromise.
    • – Overcoming cultural barriers.
    • – How to keep it alive
    • – The pitfalls to avoid

We look forward to taking you through a journey of discovering and knowing how to live harmoniously with your spouse despite the cultural differences. As your lifetime companion, it adds much value to want to know their culture and appreciate the differences. This can be the most rewarding thing you could ever do sustain a happy intercultural relationship.