Dr Beatrice Lukose



Get Set Go – Make it happen Motto!

Giving you the power to dream and become big in every area of your life.

Using the 6 Strings of inspiration and change, that are inspired by the metaphor of tuning a guitar to produce a great piece of music, Dr Beatrice Lukose brings to you a very profound message based on real-life stories.

She uses stories to share the secret to changing your life using the Get Set Go MOTTO. Which has been used for many years to propel the mind towards taking an action.

Why you need her

Dr Beatrice Lukose (Economics, MBA and Doctorate in Business Administration) is a founder and CEO of Motivat School of Life and Business. Dr Beatrice draws on a wealth of talent and skill from her research on Emotional Intelligence. Dr Beatrice is authentic, practical, funny, and humble. She brings insights from the highs and lows of life and business in a way that is very engaging for individuals.

Topics she covers

Below are topics that Dr Beatrice has devised using the DBA research on Emotional Intelligence and corporate development studies, while leveraging on her powerful experience as a mother, career woman, author, inspirational speaker and community leader. She uses simple, relevant and inspiring stories to bring her point home.

COMMUNICATION: The Get Set Go: Make it happen MOTTO – To achieve success in every area of your life and business/career.

  • – Learn how to use this simple and powerful Motto to propel you towards achieving our goals in any area of life and business.
  • – Get inspired and motivated to reach your true potential in life and business.
  • – Discover the success mindset that overcomes all the odds.
  • – Use the Get Set Go: Make it happen MOTTO to change your perspective towards life.


COMMUNICATION:  Public Speaking and Presentation: The Secret To Getting People To Listen, Learn and Take Action

Public Speaking and Presentation is at the top of the list of fears for human beings. It is said to affect 80% of all people. In fact, some would rather face death than Public Speaking. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. As a keynote speaker, Dr Beatrice will teach you life-changing techniques that will help you to:

  • – Manage your nerves and maintain calmness and confidence
  • – Gain creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for business or job market
  • – Connect and effectively engage your audience
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