Business Courses

In the business courses, we put you into a business frame of mind to cover the fundamental laws in the business world and key online business facts which will enhance your understanding of the business science.

Once a clear understanding is established we shall get to work on the grounds for the online business focusing on things like picking your niche, building your offer, resonating your message and testing everything in the marketplace to get feedback and iterate/improve until the offer-market fit is achieved.

We are going to cover the fundamentals of online business. This week is extremely important because, going back to our example during the Marriage Essentials training in week one, when you build a house if you build it on a bad foundation like on sand, even if it’s an amazing house that is built on a shoddy foundation, it is bound to collapse. It doesn’t matter how awesome that house is, if the foundations are bad, it’s going to fall over. It’s going to collapse. The same is true in business.

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