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Build Mental, Marital And Entrepreneurial Fitness And Transform Your Life

  • Bullet-proof your love relationship using our well researched Marriage Strings
  • Transform your love relationship to create an abundance of wealth
  • Understand the importance of believing in yourself
  • Master and combine your thoughts with a burning desire, clear purpose, endurance and tenacity
  • Experience the Emotional Intelligence techniques used by top Couple-Preneurs and the world’s most successful spouses to rapidly create extraordinary abundance
  • Access to exclusive video, audio, transcripts and exercises to suit your learning style

What You’ll Learn

Transforming Your Marriage

Every marriage needs a good foundation for the union to stand strong through the tests and trials of life. Using our well researched and authored 6 marriage strings we shall teach you the key fundamentals to sustain a healthy relationship with your spouse. That includes:

  • We shall explain how to communicate effectively with your spouse and how to deal with difficult conversations and arguments.

  • We shall look at the pitfalls to avoid and how to rebuild the relationship and share with you 20 ways to guard your relationship

  • We shall look at the differences in expectations between men and women and explain the dimensions of sex in a marriage relationship.

  • How to share and discuss values, goals and interests with your spouse routinely in order to sustain a happy relationship.

  • How to prevent the fading of the passion of love by fostering your marriage and being a great giver to your spouse.

Attaining a Great Achiever’s Mindset

With the right mindset, you experience an entirely new reality where you're more in control, where you can achieve the things that you want, where your dreams literally become your reality every day. The training includes:

  • We shall reveal the fears that have gripped most of the couples by the heels paralysing their potential to succeed.

  • We're going to show you how the current way of understanding everything can be distorted and why it needs to change if we want to evolve and become something bigger than we are.

  • Learn how your thoughts are very powerful especially when combined with a burning desire, clear purpose, endurance and tenacity.

  • We are going to show you that it’s a life problem and therefore you should not blame the business.

  • Then we are going to talk about denial and how really it is the cause of all suffering, limitation and failure.

Creating a Successful Family Business

In this training, we shall put you into a business frame of mind to cover the fundamental laws in the business world and enhance your understanding of being an entrepreneur. The topics include:

  • We shall focus on building your family business by helping in picking your niche, building your offer, resonating your message and testing everything in the marketplace to get feedback and iterate/improve until the first sales are achieved.

  • We will show you how to become a great salesman where we teach you the art and the science of taking someone from being a total stranger to a valued customer.

  • We shall teach you how to use the Facebook tool to reach prospects and convert them to customers with ease.

  • We are going to discuss the other side of doing an online business and how to deliver amazing results to your clients. How to keep your clients for the long run and to minimise the chances of issues coming up.

Meet Your Trainers, Drs Jones and Beatrice Lukose

They are the leading Mindset and Relationship experts in the Netherlands. Dr Jones and Dr Beatrice Lukose have been married for 22 years and are passionate coaches in Personal development, Emotional Intelligence and Knowledge Management.

They use their highly recommended programs ‘Marriage Strings’ and ‘Couple-Preneur Mindset’ to turn couples from ordinary to unique Power Couples.

They are both motivational and keynote speakers and authors of 3 books: “Tuning your Relationship to Last a Lifetime”, “How to be a Nurturing Husband” and “What she Needs to Blossom”.

Their marriage stemmed from a small rented room at the Kenyan coast of Malindi with barely anything to survive on, to become successful entrepreneurs, consultants and international humanitarians.

Today, they are on a mission to inspire millions of people to become couple-preneurs.

Enroll Now

We are committed to providing cutting-edge education at a price everybody can afford.

The usual cost for a program of this quality, where distinguished coaches lead you over a period of 8 weeks would cost thousands of dollars.

This Couple-Preneur Mindset program is designed to deliver the very best mindset, relationship and wealth creation training at a fraction of the usual cost.

We Are Committed To Fostering Profitable Relationships

Every relationship needs a good foundation for the union to stand strong, through the tests and trials of life. So during this program, we are going to show you how to build successful relationships and how to leverage on your strengths to create to generate high-value for yourselves. This course is very unique because we shall be teaching you what no one else has covered.

After 15 years of intense research and interacting with couples, marriage coaches and counselors we have developed and authored books on what we call the Six Marriage Strings which form the key fundamentals of every marriage relationship. The Six Strings are the Loving String, The Gifting String, The Sharing String, The Sex String, The Guarding String and The Talking String.

During week one, we shall cover each one of these key fundamentals at depth to inspire you to become soul mates and experience a happy and fulfilled marriage.

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