The Couplepeneur Mindset

Here is the breakdown of the training (videos) contained in this program. Each video has subtopics to make sure you get the best value out of the training.

Week One: Marriage Essentials contains the following videos

Overview, Stages in Marriage, The Loving String, The Gifting String, The Sharing String, The Sex String, The Guarding String, The Talking String. Using our well researched and authored 6 marriage strings we shall teach you the key fundamentals to sustain a healthy relationship with your spouse.

Week Two: Business Essentials contains the following videos

Overview, Setting your foundations,  Natural law & the equation, The evolution of a Couple-Preneur Mindset Expert,  Taking a view on the market, Picking your niche, Building your Offer, Communicating your Offer. This module puts you into a business frame of mind to cover the fundamental laws and equations in the business world.

Week Three: Couple-Preneur paradigm contains the following videos

Overview, Start the Momentum, Sustain the Momentum, Duality & Momentum, Cementing the Moment, The CPM Identity,  New paradigm & worldview, Mastering the momentum. This module helps you to obtain great achievers mindset by training you how to work on your mental wiring using proven Emotional Intelligence facts. If you don’t work on your mindset, chances are that you will not know what to do and you can be paralyzed with fear and not be able to apply the logical and academic knowledge you will gain.

Week Four: The Science of Selling contains the following videos

Overview,  The Illusion of sales, Science of conversion, Crafting your sales Script, Pendulum of doubt,  Igniting your flame. By the end of this week, you will have started a journey to becoming a great salesman where we teach you the art and the science of taking someone from being a total stranger to a high-paying client with one phone call.

Week Five: Genius Marketing contains the following videos

Overview, Falling for the trap, Science of client attraction, Organic attraction methods,  Paid attraction methods, Assembling the integrated system, Planning your 30d attack, Conquering paralysis. Here we show you the art and science of attracting clients to your business with free and paid strategies.

 Week Six: Facebook Digital Marketing contains the following videos

Overview, Unveiling the FB algorithm, Facebook’s book of the law,  Playbook for a new epoch, Your ad hypothesis, Your audience hypothesis, Tracking swans & the polaris star, Achieving omnipresence Ad & audience templates, Campaign genesis, Governing initial conditions, Daily workflow, Ratcheting up the magic. We shall teach you how to get a complete understanding of Facebook ads all the way from understanding the paradigm and the way of thinking about Facebook, how the platform works, how the algorithm works and how it evolves.

Week Seven: Operational Excellence contains the following videos

Overview, Minimum viable service delivery, Setting client expectations, Hiring top 1% contractors, Finance & cashflow mastery, Platform growth & scale. This will show you how to structure the operations and the service delivery side of your business to sustain your clients.

Week Eight: Ultimate Prize contains the following videos

Overview, Secrets of exponential growth, Scaling Uplevel, Productizing your services etc. We shall explain and educate you on how to skyrocket to the higher level of your business where you are able to achieve the ultimate prize. 

Congratulations! after week 8, we have a surprise CPM extra bonus for you to say congratulations for coming along the way. You do not want to miss it.

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