Executive Public Speaking

8 week program (From $799 USD to limited offer $235 USD per person)

Public Speaking and Presentation is at the top of the list of fears for human beings. It is said to affect 80% of all people. Infact, some would rather face death than Public Speaking. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place.

This Executive Public Speaking and Business Presentation is for you if: 

  • – You freeze up at the thought of having to make a presentation and answering Q&A
  • – You become nervous at the thought of speaking in front of a group 
  • – You always have great ideas that you’d love to share in meetings but fear and nervousness holds you back.
  • – You strongly desire to speak with confidence whether in office meetings, business presentations or networking events so that you can sell, convince or persuade your audience. 
  • – You are in a leadership position and want to lead your team well by communicating effectively but you find yourself struggling.
  • – You want to have more presence when you walk into the room so that people take notice and show you respect.
  • – You want to be taken seriously and be looked up to as a leader and expert in your workplace and industry.

If you are facing any of the above issues, you are in the right place, public speaking, presentation, and communication is a skill that you can learn and perfect.

Benefits of doing the training

When you join our Executive Public Speaking and Business Presentation program, you’ll learn the proven tips and strategies you need to use whether you are speaking to one person or addressing a large audience. You will learn the top strategies that successful professionals and leaders use to:

      • – Manage your nerves and maintain calmness and confidence
      • – Gain creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for business or job market
      • – Connect and effectively engage your audience
      • – Plan, prepare and structure presentations effectively
      • – Present professionally; with pois, enthusiasm and power
      • – Design and make powerful, top class PowerPoint presentations 
      • – Expand your professional network
      • – Develop your vocabulary and fluency
      • – Remove the fear of impromptu speaking
      • – Communicate clearly and get their message across
      • Encourage others to open up and speak freely with them
      • – Cope with difficult communication situations


This cause has been accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the United Kingdom. After completion you get a CPD accredited Certificate.

We are a NITA approved training centre.

Course Overview

1.Course Overview

    • Learning Objectives
    • Pre-Self Assignment
    • Pre-Course Assessment

2. Getting Started

    • What is Speaking? 
    • What is Business Presentation?
    • Evaluations

3. Effective Planning and Execution

    • Preparing to Plan
    • Presentation Preparation
    • Evaluations

4. Force Field Analysis

    • What is Force Field Analysis?
    • Exercise
    • Pros and Cons

5. Understanding Your Audience

    • Understanding Your Audience,
    • Part One
    • Audience Profiles
    • Understanding Your Audience,

6. Managing Nerves and Building Confidence

    • Overcoming Nervousness
    • Presentation

7. Making Your Listener Hear You

    • Questionnaire
    • What Does it Mean to Have a
    • Number?
    • What Is Important?
    • People That Are Most Like Me
    • People That Are Least Like Me

5. Session Five: Positive Self-Talk

    • Our Thoughts
    • The Steps to Feeling Good
    • Thinking Positively

6. Session Six: Rapport and Connecting

    • Building Rapport
    • Making Connections: Self-Disclosure
    • Creating an Introduction

7. Session Seven: Managing Meetings Effectively

    • Four Areas of Opportunity
    • Fifteen Ways to Master a Meeting
    • Mastering Your Meeting Exercise
    • Learning Names
    • Session Eight: Body Language
    • Body Language Signals

9. Session Nine: Managing Sticky Situations

    • Are You Comfortable?
    • Dealing with Tough Situations
    • Dressing Up

10. Session Ten: I Can Just Send an Email

    • Right?
    • Advantages of an Oral Presentation
    • Oratory Exercise
    • Oratory Exercise: Practice Paragraph

11. Session Eleven: Overcoming Nervousness

    • About Nervousness
    • Nervousness Can Have Many Sources
    • Putting Yourself in Control
    • Mastering Non-verbal
    • Communication

12. Session Twelve: The Five S’s

    • Five Points for Any Presentation
    • Framework Example
    • Preparing with the Five-S Pattern

13. Session Thirteen: Start Writing!

    • Evidence
    • Introductions
    • Following the Opening Statement
    • Exercise: Beginning a Presentation
    • Transitioning to the Body
    • Example of a Transition in a
    • Presentation
    • Enhancing Your Presentation with
    • Stories, Numbers, and Examples
    • Endings
    • Making Connections: Think Fast!
    • Your Fast Thinking Presentation

14. Session Fourteen: Audience Engagement 

    • Preparing an Audience Profile
    • Making Connections: Your Next
    • Presentation

15. Session Fifteen: Your Speaking Voice

    • Parts of Your Message
    • Vocal Variety
    • Paying Attention to Your Voice
    • Mastering Your Material

17. Session Sixteen: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio-Visual Excellence

    • Presentation
    • The Power of Threes
    • Well Known Tripling Examples
    • Visual Aids
    • Tips for Using Visual Aids
    • More Tips for Using Visual Aids
    • Analyzing Visual Aids
    • Adding Punch Summary
    • Lessons Learned

18. Session Seventeen: Proper Preparation and structuring

    • Preparation
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion
    • Presentation

19. Personal Action Plan

    • Starting Point
    • Where I Want to Go
    • How I Will Get There

20. Course Summary

The key aim of this is to explain the importance that good communication skills play in managing relationships and information within organisations.

    • Know who our target is
    • Identify what type of information they need
    • Tailoring your message to your audience
    • Recognise the best means of the communication
    • Know the various techniques required to enable good communication

21. Post-Course Assessment

22.Graduation Ceremony

The Time and Dates

    • – This is an 8 – week extensive programme. You attend one 2.5-hour module per week. 
    • – You can take a 3-day Intensive programme: Take your course in 3 concurrent days 
    • – Our training is practical and engaging. We prefer a small class in order to offer you maximum value.

NB: When you enrol for this training, you’ll automatically become a member of the Motivat School Speakers group. Here,you will meet and interact with top managers, CEOs and professionals in different fields all looking to improve their confidence and presentation skills as you also network.

For any questions concerning the program

To join other professionals who have already signed up for the training or if you have any questions, email to Dr Beatrice Lukose at [email protected]

  • Please indicate your mobile number.We will call you back after receiving your email or text. 
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