Gifting in Relationships

This course is the called the Gifting String, the second of the six marriage strings. During this course we shall take you through the following:

  • – The two Gifting String Stories which will enlighten us on what the Gifting string entails.
  • – We shall discuss the importance of the Gifting String
  • – We shall look at the relationship between love and giving
  • – How to Tune the Gifting String focusing on how to Pay attention, how to Focus on your mind, control yourself, value your spouse
  • – We shall dive into the Difference between men and women

Now, we gave each other many gifts during your courtship; we exchanged flowers, videos, sports shirts, home cooked meals as your way of expressing your love sentiments. It is common for people in love to gift each other. Unfortunately, after a few years of marriage gifting between spouses tends to decline. As the passion of love fades, so does the desire to give each other gifts, however, studies have shown that there is no other better way of fostering your marriage than being a great giver to your spouse. This course will show you how. 

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