Guarding in Relationships

This is the Guarding String course, the fifth of the six marriage strings. During this session we shall take you through the following:

  • We shall look at Guarding String using the Love letter from Dr Jones Lukose to flower (Dr Beatrice Lukose)
  • We shall also explain the importance of being sensitive to your spouse using the Dream story from Dr Jones Lukose
  • We shall also explain the technical side of men using the story of a Trip to Monaco story from Dr Jones Lukose
  • We shall discuss the myth of whether men are relationship-incompetent or not
  • We shall share the importance of trusting your spouse using the Story of Sam and his spouse Mary
  • We shall discuss the importance of the Guarding String in a relationship.
  • The importance of knowing the state of your Marriage i.e. the cycles of Warm Intimacy; Repeating Conflict Detached withdrawal
  • We discuss what an affair is and how they usually start?
  • We shall explain how to Tune the Guarding String focusing on loyalty and fidelity in a relationship;
  • We shall discuss how men and women are different but equal
  • We shall discuss the causes of Infidelity; mistakes made under infidelity
  • We shall discuss how to handle depression in a relationship; anger resolution; phases of healing
  • We shall look at the pitfalls to avoid and how to rebuild the relationship
  • We shall share with you 20 ways to guard your relationship.
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