Motivat Marriage Coach

Join us in reaching millions of couples, as we help ensure that they have strong and healthy relationships, giving them a better chance for stable and satisfying marriages.

With so many pressures on relationships and so many choices facing couples, more than 50% separate or divorce and the others are embroiled in conflict. It appears as though couples are surprised by the change and phases that occur in their relationship from dating, courting, wedding, honeymoon, 1st child, e.t.c.

But change is something that needs to be embraced, as it takes couples forward in their lives.
That is where a marriage coach comes in. He or she is responsible for assisting couples in determining where their relationship is going, and how it can be improved or enriched.

Selected candidates will be listed on our large database and will benefit from:

- Free listing to attract hundreds of thousands of couples in our network

- Coaches completing any of our courses would get certified

- Access to Motivat School training materials, videos and articles

- Access to local networking groups

- Free listing and access to thousands of organisations, churches and groups requiring training and workshops.

To be considered eligible to work with us as a Motivat marriage coach, you have to possess a degree or diploma in human sciences or the likes of it. If you have worked in a similar position in the past, you will be considered a good candidate too.
The ability to talk to clients in a professional, yet empathetic manner is essential, which is why your communication skills must be excellent. Passion for helping singles and couples, and the ability to motivate and inspire are prerequisites of joining our team.
As a Motivat marriage coach, you need to be supportive, discreet, and non-judgmental about your couples’ lives and aspirations. Also, it is crucial for you to be able to passionately, and confidentially drive the dynamic and motivational conversation, to help couples learn about themselves, and establish how they want their relationships to grow into the future.

A list of responsibilities particular to the role of a Motivat marriage coach is provided below for reference purposes:

- Engage couples in conversation to determine their specific relationship requirements and marriage aspirations.

- Assess couples to decipher individual personalities, and note down their traits for reference purposes.

- Work with couples on a one-on-one, or group basis, depending on the requirements of each case.

- Assess couples’ specific conditions, and assist them in understanding, and coping with their specific circumstances.

- Establish positive relationships with couples, aimed at assisting them in meeting their marriage goals.

- Assist couples in discovering what it is that they want to achieve, ensuring that set goals are realistic and achievable.

- Develop, and implement strategies to help each couple meet their specific marriage goal.

- Evaluate and monitor couples to ensure that they are working well towards achieving their specific goals and targets.

- Adjust, or make modifications to couples’ programs, based on their dynamic needs, or the efficacy of each plan.

- Provide information about self-help techniques, to assist couples in proactively dealing with issues in marriage.

- Conduct educational sessions with couples, such as marital enrichment courses, to improve communication skills or to build trust.

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