Marriage Coaches Certification – Workshop


Motivat School – Marriage Coach 2-day workshop is a top well-researched relationship-education program available in the market. It’s well structured and documented to offer skills and practices that increase marital relationship satisfaction. 

The curriculum is yielded to produce outstanding results in administering questions, interpreting reports, giving feedback and becoming proficient in the use of the Motivat School Marriage Coach programs and materials.

It is a great tool used for dating and pre-marriage preparation, marriage education, coaching or counselling. It is aimed at helping couples enjoy each other more, make mutually satisfying decisions, reduce tensions, resolve differences, and increase intimacy as they share their lives together.

What do you gain from the training?

Motivat School – Marriage Coach workshop will equip you to teach others the frameworks, skills, and processes that lead to healthy relationships.  By attending the training, you will:

  • – Develop confidence and experience in using Motivat School Marriage teaching/learning materials and tools
  • Gain experience by practising skills, processes and coaching methods with real and simulated issues
  • – Learn ways to support and extended use of the skills and processes in daily life
  • – Gain experience in spotting breakdowns in a relationship and offering support
  • – Learn to listen accurately and to speak clearly and constructively 
  • – Learn to adapt to your settings — education, congregation, community, clinic etc.

The Motivat School Marriage Coach Training covers well-researched materials that help coaches to work with diverse groups including singles, married and conflicted couples etc.

The first day of Motivat School – Marriage Coach Training aims at equipping the Coach to use the Motivat School materials effectively.

The second day of training is mandatory and it encompasses further skills training and practice activities showing the coach the various feedback techniques and how to use the Motivat School workbook exercises.

The following are also included in the workshop:

  • – Access to a Coach’s Manual with all the training content and examples 
  • – Access to a Resource Guide for daily use
  • – Access to Coaches and Couple Reports to help analyse various situations 
  • – Access to a Couple Workbook and workshop handouts
  • – A Certificate confirming completion of the 2-day training which authorizes you to be a marriage coach and to use Motivat School Materials. 

Who is this course meant for?

The training is ideal for people with a passion to work with singles and couples and possibly already in possession of training in areas such as;

  • – Life Coaches
  • – Pastor/priest/minister/Clergy
  • – Marriage & Family Therapists
  • – Counsellors/Psychologists
  • – Clinical/Social Worker
  • – Worker trained in human resource discipline
  • – College/University/Seminary Educators in Marriage Preparation, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Pastoral Care
  • – Leader Couples Who Teach or Mentor Couples in Congregations
  • – Someone with a heart or passion for healthy marriage relationships.


Program: Motivat School Marriage Coaches Workshop

Participation: Physical classes or Workshops – please send an email to [email protected]

Dates: Every first weekend of the Month

Duration: 2 full days

Cost or Charges for the program: For more details and prices for the physical classes or workshops please send an email to [email protected])

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