Sharing in Relationships

Are you looking for a course that teaches you about sharing in relationships? This is the Sharing String course, the third of the six marriage strings. During this session we shall take you through the following: 

    • – We shall use various stories to highlight the Sharing String starting with the love Story from Dr Jones Lukose to His flower (Dr Beatrice Lukose);
    • – We shall use stories to explain how to deal with heated disputes that arise in the moment of sharing;
    • – Why the Sharing String is Important;
    • – We shall look at how to Tune Sharing String using the eight ways we have developed to help spouses;
    • – We shall share common Hobbies to enable you to share time together;
    • – We shall share some sharing challenges spouses face;
    • – We shall help you to build a sharing Relationship;
    • – We shall discuss how to share Information and Set Goals. 

The importance of shared values in relationships

Studies have shown that investing in a marriage relationship by maintaining shared values and interests may relate to increased marital well-being in spouses because it creates commitment and bonding in the relationship. However, after sharing with many spouses we have come to realize that having shared values, regardless of your interests, your relationship has a good chance of success, showing the importance of sharing in relationships. 

Shared values on the long-term

On the other hand, if you have no shared values but lots of common interests, you might have a great time together for a while but when it comes to making decisions about marriage, children and careers, you could find that you lack the strong foundations that move you forward. It is hence very important that you share and discuss values, goals and interests with your spouse routinely in order to sustain a happy relationship. 

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