Stages in Relationships

This is the Stages in Marriage course. During this course, we shall take you through the lifelong process of a marriage relationship focusing on the six stages involved and discover the importance of working as a team in each stage.

  • Stage One – We shall discuss the Romance, Passion, Expansion, and Promise. We shall explain the three categories under stage one, which is Romantic love, Dating, Courting and Honeymoon period.
  • Stage Two – This is the Settling down and Realization stage and we shall look at the main categories in this stage like the Childbearing, child rearing and child launching Period
  • Stage Three – We shall look at the Rebellion and Power Struggles in a relationship. We shall also give you tips to overcome the daily pressures that weigh the marriage relationship.
  • Stage Four – We shall look at the Discovery, Reconciliation, and Beginning Again stage. We shall also give you Tips to help you focus on the important element of your relationship at this stage.
  • Stage Five – We shall look at the Empty-Nest Period after the young adults have left the house and its only you and your spouse.
  • Stage Six – We shall focus on the Alone Period in life.

Whether you are planning to get married, are newly wedded, have been married for many years or starting a new marriage relationship after divorce etc. this session will highlight on the lifelong process of a marriage relationship and make you understand the significance of each stage. Once you are able to discover the stage your relationship is at, then it will be easy to clearly know what to focus on.

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