Talking in Relationships

This is the Talking String, the sixth of the six marriage strings. During this session we shall take you through the following:

  • We shall explain the Talking String using the Story of Paul and Joy
  • We shall discuss the importance of the Talking String
  • We shall show you how spouses should tune the Talking String
  • We shall explain how to communicate effectively with your spouse
  • We shall take you through how to deal with difficult conversations and arguments
  • We shall share with you some principles to practice
  • We shall show you how to maintain the right mindset
  • Examples of success stories from spouses

After talking to many spouses, it’s evident that talking is the vehicle through which all other important parts of marriage are performed. If spouses love each other but don’t use words and actions to communicate it, then it beats the purpose. Spouses should communicate with each other honestly for their marriage relationship to stand a good chance of being happy and healthy.

Studies have shown that the talking string forms the cornerstone of any long and loving marriage. The problem is that some spouses just aren’t good at it. This course will help you understand its importance and see what forms of communication will create the atmosphere of a strong and caring relationship.

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