The Love Hub


14th December 2019, 9:30am to 4pm, The Emory Hotel, Kileleshwa, Kenya

  • Refreshment and Lunch Provided – Ample Parking

Fuel Yourself, and Love More!

Are you wondering how you can keep your love hub on fire? How to keep your spouse fuelled? How to keep your marriage fit?

Come to a day away at a couples rendezvous, tucked away in an intimate space luxuriously provided by Emory Hotel. Here, we promise to take you through a journey where you and your partner are able to lock eyes, minds and hearts in a safe, warm and insightful process that will usher you into being fully known, yet fully loved.

You are welcome to attend this lively and vibrant love hub retreat where you will also hear from marital experts and coaches who will enlighten you on key topics that will help you to Fuel Yourself, and Advance Your Marriage.

Come to think of it. Usually, we go to the gym to keep our bodies fit and healthy; the same is important for the marriage relationship. It requires marital fitness too; that is why we are glad to organise the Love Hub retreat where you can remind yourself how to keep your relationship happy and healthy. 

This is a well-designed, power packed retreat; come and learn things that you don’t learn in a traditional School.

Here is an overview of the program:

– What should every spouse know (Introducing the six marriage Strings authored by Dr Jones and Dr Beatrice Lukose)

– How to overcome marital failures using the Loving String (Video of a touching story of Peter and Amy)

– Get a free gift from Motivat School as a token of appreciation for your participation.

– How to overcome marital failures

– Incredible me: Resolve the identity crisis in marriage

– Fuel Yourself, and Advance Your Marriage

– Incredible me: Exploring Identity in Marriage

Come and be inspired to keep your relationship tuned.

For more information call +254725739802

Or Pay to MOTSTRINGS via MPESA PayBill 794136 – Account Number (LOVEHUB). Then forward the payment confirmation to [email protected]

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