Veena Joseph (Netherlands)

Veena Joseph is a coach, listener, bridge-builder, encourager, facilitator for change and a person with a purpose. Her aim to is help people attain their full potential and live life with a purpose.

She is the founder of Forerunners Consulting and Coaching,Co-founder of SheSustains and Founding Partner of NaturallyU. She has worked in multifaceted roles in India and the Netherlands for 8 plus years

She brings her operational expertise and relational skills together as a Change facilitator for businesses and people.

She works with people who feel stuck in their process to live life in full and those seeking change in their life and businesses. She has experience in working with women, young adults and children. She is currently engaged with Culture Exchange Candidates who come to Netherlands to explore living life in Europe. She also mediates for families with Exchange students.

After completing her Masters in Business Administration, Veena spent 7 plus years engaging in various roles in the Corporate environment , small businesses and Non-profit sector. Following a path of self discovery and connecting with her purpose she trained to become a Coach.

She uses her systems thinking to provide practical tools and solutions for businesses. She loves people and has the ability to empower them in discovering their potential.

She recently wrote a cover story “Be a STAR of your own relocation” for access magazine. She is a team player with great passion for Women empowerment and Youth development. She is authentic and draws from real life scenarios to help people.

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